What information can be extracted from a picture of facebook?

Sales managers, this is only an introduction to the subject, could be positive or negative and well worth future investigation. I will post links here as I come across them. 

below is a portion of a transcript from a on MOOC course at Northwestern University with Professor Randy Hlavac and Seth Redmore, Chief Marketing Officer of Lexalytics.

[MUSIC] While I knew about the power of text analytics, I was shocked at how much information could be extracted from a photo or a video. Welcome, Seth. >> Hey Randy. >> I heard a rumor that if I have a photo that's tagged with my name five times on Facebook, hey'll be able to identify me forever. Is that true? >> Absolutely. And they'll be able to identify you regardless of who's taken the picture, regardless of the lighting, regardless of whether it's in a video or not. Now, Google may not be able to identify you because they're not sharing information. But yes, you'll absolutely be identifiable.

Got your attention?

For some this fact may be scary, for marketers, this is a wonderful tool. Below is an example of just how much information can be obtained by five tagged photos on facebook.

Let's assume you are tagged in a photo in a bar, eating taco bell, with a Budweiser beer. 

The chances are good they can tell what bar you are at, the average age at the bar, your beer preference, the other people with you, the time of day and you like taco bell. Of course, if the can identify the bar they know the state and more... Don't be surprised if taco bell coupons show while suffering from being tagged!

Let's look at some practical applications of this:

Your planning a concert and have a large number of photo links to past concerts held by the performer you are considering.

Watson could analyze those photos and give accurate information on demographics and sentiment, below is a demo and offers very limited information