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Joanna DeChellis, Contributing Editor

Joanna joined Duetto in May 2015 as a Contributing Editor with more than a decade of writing, editing and graphic design experience for both print and online trade publications. She is passionate about driving content innovation through blogs, e-newsletter and social channels.



The hotel industry seems to be changing faster than the managers, keeping up means staying alive!

Image by Washington Post

This is an article well worth reading on six ways to target Millennials, published in The Washington Post 06/17.

Hotel sales managers, looking for new insight on Millennials and how to reach them, I felt this was a very informative article and wanted to pass it on! 

Spiegles Research Center at Northwestern U has published an article on how reviews affect your business and the financial impact. This article offers a downloadable study.

Hotel managers, this is a very concerning subject, and as a student of Big Data, I have an additional concern about there validity and sample sizes. 

What information can be extracted from a picture of facebook?

Sales managers, this is only an introduction to the subject, could be positive or negative and well worth future investigation. I will post links here as I come across them. 

Analytics software can provide a lions share of information about who is visiting our sites. The network segment is commonly overlooked 

I have twice been able to obtain sales with nothing more than a simple ISP (network) report, for those of you who have websites outside the brands this information can be worth a great deal. 

Hotel Website

This article is a short summary of why you may want to consider your own website, not everyone needs or is prepare to have their own site hopefully this helps out.

Hotel owners and managers, the are many reasons why you should have your own site but start off as right as possible!

Your competition may be considering AI are you?  IBM Site 

Hotel Professional, AI is here now, Watson is a leader in the pack 

Came across this site searching for infographics, and wanted to share with others 

DOS , I like this a lot since it represents two explosive trends, infographics, and digital technology 

Digital Marketing is not a part-time thing, an experiment, and should not be done without a plan and a budget!

I have launched many campaigns, hundreds of hours reading and classroom and still feel overwhelmed at times. On the flip side, my confidence comes from doing and knowing the results of what I do. I wanted to share with you an older article posted in Boston Hospitality Review that breaks down budgets.

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