Do all financial presentations have to come from a CPA and be presented as tax basis!

To begin the article the company I am referring to has set up Peachtree Pro accounting where the chart of accounts and vendors were originally set up by a hospitality accounting professional. All checks and wire transfers issues from the hotel are automatically coded creating real-time financial statements. The bank account is reconciled each month and recently discovered a $5000 + bank error in the hotel's favor. The financials are represented as managerial accounting rather than tax accounting to better represent the company. Since the transactions are recorded as they write checks it save countless hours in bookkeeping. It is very easy to teach anyone how to write checks and post Electronic transactions using Peachtree. If you feel more comfortable having it re-compiled with a CPA, just print a few distribution reports and email the bank statement.  Hopefully, this provides a good picture of the company's bookkeeping procedures.